SimpleDiag – The User Friendly Diagnostic Tool




SimpleDiag – The future of User-Friendly Features

The Quick & Efficient Diagnostic Tool Specially Designed For You

The SimpleDiag interface is designed to help you diagnose the vehicle quickly and efficiently. This software is created in a way so that any user can do what they aim within seconds, without much thought or complications, on many different makes of vehicles such as Mclaren, Tesla, Mercedes, Harley-Davidson, Renault, Dacia, Smart, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Mahindra, Fiat, Jeep SsangYong, etc. All you can ask for and more!

Also, with the SimpleDiag Diagnostic Tool, you can use our Mclaren Diagnostic Software.


Many different features can be activated with the SimpleDiag tool, depending on one’s individual needs. All software is designed to be user friendly and easy to put into practice.

​​​​​​​We release new updates very often, and all our software has automatic updates. In a result of this, you can be sure you are always using the latest version of the SimpleDiag software.


Available Licenses for SimpleDiag:

➤  SD 01.  ➜  Harley Davidson PIN Code reading

➤  SD 02.  ➜  Video In Motion and CarPlay – activation, deactivation and HU5.5 coding

➤  SD 03.  ➜  Extreme Mercedes-Benz renew tool

➤  SD 05.  ➜  SCN Tool. Vmax change for Delphi CRD1.xx; CRD2.xx; CRD3.xx

➤  SD 07.  ➜  Delphi/Bosch ECU Tool

➤  SD 08.  ➜  Radio PIN code reader via OBDII for Renault, Dacia and SMART 453 models

➤  SD 09.  ➜  AMG Activator for Mercedes-Benz

➤  SD 10.  ➜ Smart 451, 454, 453/Twingo 3 tool

➤  SD 11.  ➜ SimpleDiag Odometer package

➤  SD 12.  ➜ Mercedes-Benz Dash Unlocker

➤  SD 13.  ➜ Mercedes-Benz Dash Renew

➤  SD 14.  ➜ Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Firewall Unlock

➤  SD 18.  ➜ SimpleDiag Key Programmer


Check out our Youtube Channel for video demonstrations of our diagnostic software.

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