SimpleDiag SD14 – MB Diagnostic Firewall Unlock




SimpleDiag 14 License (SD14) – Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Firewall Unlock

The SimpleDiag 14 (SD14) is a Software designed to use together with Vediamo/DTS Monaco/Xentry on the latest Mercedes-Benz vehicles (2019+):

  • W907/118/177/167
  • W213/238/257/463/290

In these vehicles you will not be allowed to make adaptations or variant coding without the diagnostic functionality.

The tool should be used with OBD2 Y-Adapter – it will disable the Firewall, autodetect if the Firewall is active in the Vehicle and the type that is used for the unlock.

If you’re are looking to do some advanced diagnosing in a latest Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you will need this software!

To use this software you just need to connect the Vediamo or DTS Monaco and SimpleDiag interfaces together with OBDII-Y adapter in order for the two softweares to work together.

Video demonstration of SimpleDiag 14 (SD14) – Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Firewall Unlock:




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*SimpleDiag interface required to use this licence