SimpleDiag SD13 – Mercedes-Benz Dash Renew




SimpleDiag 13 License (SD13) – Mercedes-Benz Dash Renew

The SimpleDiag 13 software is designed for customers who want to renew Mercedes-Benz instrument clusters. Once the cluster is in “virgin state” – the kilometers are zero and drive authorisation data is also reset. In other words – the synchronisation between instrument clusters and EZS (FBS3 or FBS4) is broken.

The following functions are available in the SD13 software:

  • Read/Write eeprom by OBDII or on bench (Also standalone without Gateway on bench for some clusters)
  • Renew IC function
  • Learn IC function

Fully by OBDII

  • No soldering of unblocked MCU
  • No dismount of dash
  • No longer necessary to unblock the MCU of the instrument cluster directly by accessing the PCB

Dashboards can also be learned with DAS/Xentry after renew procedure. As well, the new LCD clusters are powered up on bench with functions to see real Picture when working on bench.


  • KI 164:  ML(W164); GL(X164) – Year (2006-2010)
2006 Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG
  • KI 203: C(W203); CLK(W209) – Year (2006-2010)

  • KI 211: E(W211); CLS(C219); CLK(W209); G(W463)  – Year (2005-2010)

  • KI Low: A(W169); B(W245) – Year (2005-2011)

  • KI 221: S(W221); CL(C216) – Year (2005-2013)

  • IC 204: C(W204); GLK(X204); SLS(W197); SL(W231); E(W212); CLS(W218) – Year (2007-2018)

  • IC 172: G(W463 2013-2017); GLS/ML/GLE(W166/292); A/GLA/CLA(W117/156/176); B/GLK  (W246/X204); SLK/SLC(W172); SL(R231) – Year (2011-2019)

  • IC 222: C/GLC(W205/253); C/GLC Facelift(W205/253); S/CL(W222/217);Maybach(V222); AMG GT(C190) – Year (2013-2018)

  • IC 222: W217/222 pre facelift – up to 2016

  • IC 222: W217/222 pre facelift – Year (2016-2019)
    For the IC222 year 2016-2018 – might be necessary to unlock MCU first with external tool. ” Full OBD solution in preparation”

  • IC 213 analog: S/CL(W222/217)  Facelift; G(W463 – 2018+); E/CLS/E cabrio(W213/238/257); C/GLC(W205/253 facelift only small LCD)

  • IC 213 FULL LCD: S/CL(W222/217)Facelift;G(W463 – 2018+);E/CLS/E cabrio(W213/238/257);C/GLC(W205/253 facelift)

  • IC 470:  X-class Pickup(W470) – Year (2017+)

  • IC 447: V-class Vito/Viano (W447) – Year (2014+)

Video demonstration of SimpleDiag 13 (SD13) – Mercedes-Benz Dash Renew:

Steps to use the SD13 tool – Mercedes-Benz Dash Renew:

  1. Connect dash with diagnostic – make sure you see active diagnostic variant
  2. See the software versions of dashboard
  3. See the state of the dash
  4. See the state of the dash
  5. See the read of trip mileage
  6. See main mileage of dash
  7. Use Simplediag MB dash renew software
  8. Use the function ‘’Read EEPROM’’ before and safe dump for back up, then click ‘’Renew IC’’ and start procedure.
  9. Make sure you choose the correct car & software and everything will be done automatically.
  10. Let the software read all the needed memory for the process and wait until the software writes the needed memory areas back.

Video demonstration of SimpleDiag 13 (SD13) – Instrument Cluster Renew:

Steps to use the SD13 tool – Instrument Cluster Renew:

  1. Read the original EEPROM from the cluster
  2. Successfully read EEPROM from the cluster and it is good to save it to have the original.
  3. Once the cluster is in ‘virgin state’’ the kilometres are zero and drive authorisation is also reset.
  4. Learn IC function adapts the cluster to the car


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*SimpleDiag interface required to use this license