SimpleDiag SD12 – Mercedes-Benz Dash Unlocker




SimpleDiag 12 License (SD12) – Mercedes-Benz Dash Unlocker

The SimpleDiag 12 (SD12) Software is designed to use together with vediamo/dts/xentry, or a simple CAN device with manual command prompt, to unlock dashboards IC213/IC222 which have timeout for seed key input active and is not possible to unlock by manual typing seed key.

With help of  the SimpleDiag 12 (SD12) tool, you can simultaneously connect with diagnostics and proceed to the unlock, after this you can proceed with manual command prompt like with previous models.

Support for IC213 and IC222 in following models:

  • W205/253/190/290/222/217/213/238/257/463.
  • Analogie IC222 2018+ will be fully unlocked.
  • IC222 2016+ it’s possible for reading but writing will be locked for the most of them.

Mercedes Benz Dash


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*SimpleDiag interface required to use this license