SimpleDiag SD03 – Extreme Mercedes-Benz renew tool




SimpleDiag 03 License (SD03) – Extreme Mercedes-Benz renew tool

The SimpleDiag 03 (SD03) license is designed for customers who wish to read service hashes.

With the help of the Extreme Mercedes-Benz tool, you will be able to calculate a dealer hash, and then with this dealer hash, you can renew the unit.

Supported are FBS3 components:

  •  EZS/EIS
  • TCU(7G)
  • CVT(722.8)
  • ISM
  • DSM
  • ECU (all FBS 3 Engine Controllers, including CRR1 Siemens Continental )
  • SRS Airbag Crash Clear ( for the moment only by dump).

Supported units are:

  • W168, BOSCH, Motorola MC68HC11KA, Part Nr: 0285001222-0018203126
  • W171, TEMIC, Motorola 3K91D, Part Nr: 1718202426
  • W203, BOSCH, Motorola, Part Nr: 0018209726
  • W203, BOSCH, Motorola HC12B32 (912BE32), Part Nr: 0285001373
  • W204/W207, CONTINENTAL, 25C640, Part Nr: 2079011800
  • W204/W207, CONTINENTAL, 95128, Part Nr: 2079012500
  • W204/W207, SIEMENS VDO, 95640, Part Nr: 2048202285
  • W211/W219, BOSCH, CR16, Part Nr: 0285010146
  • Citan, CONTINENTAL, 95160, Part Nr: any


  • For CVT (722.8) you can program original and current VIN and transfer-coding
    from old to new CVT.


Step by step of the Simplediag 03 tool:

STEP 1 –

Read the original information from the unit.


STEP 2 –

With the help of Extreme Mercedes-Benz tool* you can calculate dealer hash.


*Extreme Mercedes-Benz tool password Calculation software for calculating the dealer password for FBS3 components – EZS, ESL, 7G, ISM, DSM, ECU

STEP 3 –

Put the calculated password and make the module new.

STEP 4 –

The module is now new.

Video demonstration of the SimpleDiag 03 License (SD03) – Extreme Mercedes-Benz renews tool:

*SimpleDiag interface required to use this license