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We are pleased to present the McLaren Diagnostic Tool.

Are you looking to diagnose and repair Mclaren vehicles? This Mclaren Scan Tool is designed specifically for you!

This McLaren Scan Tool currently supports the following models:

Ultimate Series:

  • P1 (2013 – 2015)
  • Senna, Senna GTR (2019 – 2021)

Sports Series:

  • 540C (2016 – 2021)
  • 570S Coupe/Spider (2015 – 2021)
  • 570S GT4 (2016 – 2021)
  • 570S Sprint (2016 – 2021)
  • 600LT Coupe/Spider (2018 – 2021)

Hybrid Sports Car:

  • Speedtail (2019-2021)

Super Series:

  • 12C Coupe/Spider (2011 – 2014)
  • 625C Coupe/Spider (2014 – 2016)
  • 650S Coupe/Spider (2014 – 2016)
  • 675LT Coupe/Spider (2015 – 2017)
  • 720S Coupe/Spider (2017 – 2021)

Sport Grand Tourer Series:

  • GT (2019 – 2021)


Features of our Mclaren diagnostic tool software:

We are pleased to present the latest software to our range – McLaren Pro Diagnostic Software. Specially designed for our customers who work with high-end sports cars in their workshops. The software is very user friendly with straight forward functions.

Current* version of McLaren Diagnostic software includes:

  1. Automatic model recognition
  2. Scan the available modules in the vehicle
  3. Connect and diagnose all available modules in the vehicle
  4. Reading the identification, software, hardware, serial numbers from the modules, reading identification number (VIN)
  5. Read and erase DTCs
  6. Detailed display of DTCs
  7. Read freeze frame data (faults recorded by time, mileage, speed, date, time, etc.)
  8. Actual values (dynamic real-time values of systems/sensors)
  9. Actuators (testing actuators such as window motors, lights, fans, injectors, seats, etc.)
  10. Reset service intervals
  11. Activate/De-activate Transport Mode
  12. Activate/De-activate DYNO mode – 2WD/4WD
  13. Read and program VIN on modules
  14. Key Learning (Add key & All key lost)
*Reprogramming of modules, multilingual platform, and more will be added in the next updates.

Mclaren Diagnostic Tool Package:

  1. McLaren Diagnostic interface + USB cable
  2. Security dongle
  3. Carrying case

Subscriptions & Updates*:

  • Single Vin Annual Update: € 600,00
  • Full Package Annual Update: € 1200,00 (with professional technical support included)
* subscribed customers will receive our updates regularly, tool ended subscription will not receive any update.


  • All software with an active subscription has automatic updates (after starting the software and connected to the Internet, the software will update to the latest version).
  •  To purchase a single chassis, please provide the chassis number of the vehicle.

What will happen when the subscription is over?

If your subscription expires, the software does not stop working. Functionalities 1 to 8 will continue to operate without any problems.

Mclaren Diagnostic Tool Functionalities:

  • Automatic model recognition or Model selection

Mclaren diagnostic tool model recognition or selection

  • Scan the available modules in the vehicle and clear all DTCs

Mclaren scan tool

  • Connect and diagnose all available modules in the vehicle

Mclaren diagnostics

  • Reading the identification, software, hardware, serial numbers from the modules, reading identification number (VIN)

Mclaren diagnostics reading

  • Read and erase DTCs. Detailed display of DTCs

Mclaren scan tool read and erase                         

  • Actuators

Mclaren diagnostics actuators                         Mclaren scan tool actuators

  • Actual Values

Mclaren diagnostic tool Actual Values

  • Read DTCs with Freeze Frame Data

Mclaren diagnostics Read DTCs

  • Key learning

Mclaren scan tool Key learning

  • Fine Tune Zero Position

Mclaren diagnostic tool Fine Tune Zero Position

  • Read/Write/Reset service intervals

Mclaren scan tool Read/Write/Reset service intervals

  • Activate/De-activate Transport Mode
  • Activate/De-activate DYNO mode – 2WD/4WD
  • Read and program VIN on modules

Check out Some Videos of the tool in operation:
Plugging in the McLaren Diagnostic Tool:

Service Data Reset McLaren 570s MY2019:

Window Calibration on McLaren 570s MY2019 with McLaren Diagnostic Tool:

BCM and Brakelights:

BCM Special Functions:

TPMS reading with McLaren Diagnostic Tool:

Throttle Adaption:

Airbag Scanning on McLaren 720s with McLaren Diagnostic Tool:

McLaren Diagnostic Tool full demonstration clearing all DTCs on McLaren 570S:


Check out our Youtube Channel for video demonstrations of our Mclaren diagnostic software

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McLaren Diagnostic Tool

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