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Diagnostic Software Solutions for your car!

Auto Pro Diagnostics offer different diagnostic software solutions, specially designed for our customers who work with high-end sports cars such as MclarenTesla, Mercedes & more. Our aim is to help all of our clients solve their problems with our softwares, marketed at unbeatable and affordable prices. 

Quality Products & Services at Economical Prices

With the diagnostic tools that we offer comes an annual subscription with automatic updates, and that means your tool will always stay up-to-date with the latest models and features. Is there anything more that you can ask for?

  • All of the products that we offer are carrier certified
  • Your products will arrive to you fully tested, approved and activated
  • All of our products are really simple and easy to use
  • Our proffesional support is at the heart of our company, we will help you all the way!

Who are we?

Auto Pro Diagnostics is a new, dynamically developing family-owned company that focuses on creating different and specialised diagnostic software solutions for you, your business and/or your high-end sports car. 

We implement modern software technologies and methodologies in our work, and are proud of the excellence in our services.


Our mission is to provide our customers with specialised, reliable, high quality, advanced products and services for car diagnostic solutions.



Our vision is to develop in a constant manner and grow to become an international performer in providing diagnositc solution tools for high-end sports cars.



We create value through hard work.

Our focus on the customer’s experience drives our innovation.

Our success is a result of our persistence and high standards.

We are dependable because we set proper expectations and deliver on our commitments.

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